Payroll Questions

Do you have a payroll question?  You can call payroll directly at 866.528.0707.

Below are frequently asked questions regarding payroll:

How do I get paid?
Adecco pays via a direct deposit.  If you have a checking account, we can set up the deposit.  If you do not, we can set up a prepaid card for you with the Citibank card (we can also help you set up a prepaid card from local Melbourne area financial institutions such as Regions Bank).

Please note that we do NOT control the direct deposit time frame.  The banks have different timeframes for setting up direct deposits.  Some people may have a direct deposit the first week, while others (depending on their bank) will receive checks for 1-2 weeks while the bank sets up the direct deposit.

How often do I get paid?
Adecco pays EVERY week.  Pay day is on Friday.  But for direct deposits, you will typically see the payment in your account on Thursdays (except for holiday weeks).

How do I submit my hours?
Once you are working you will need to register at If you do not want to submit online, you can call 1-888-481-1761 and logon with your assignment number (need to get from Adecco) and the last four of your Social Security Number.  Please note:  If you are working at eBay Enterprise, you do NOT need to submit your hours (your time is uploaded from your logins at eBay).

How do I print my paycheck stubs? Enter your Social Security Number, PIN is last four digits of SSN.  For password resets or questions call 1-800-978-EPAY

Who do I call if I have a question regarding my paycheck?
For Pay Checks, Tax questions, Garnishments, etc. please call 1-866-528-0707 M-F 8:30 am to 8:30 pm ET

Who do I call if I haven’t received my Citibank paycard or if I have a question regarding my Citibank pay card (n/a if you chose to have your funds deposited into your own checking/savings account)?
1-877-855-7201 Customer Service Number  If you enroll in the program, please call if you have not received your pay card in 5 days.

Comments (26)

  1. kevin travers

    How can I go about switching my direct deposit over to a new bank account

  2. Dave Bast

    I would like to see my pay roll deductions ( pay roll stub). Is there a web site for this ? Thank you.

  3. Andres Rene Mario Sauseda

    can’t log onto my paper less pay stub need my pass weird changed and use name it won’t let me log on

  4. Alonzo

    Signed up for direct deposit couple weeks ago.iv gotten one papercheck already .how long does it usually take and when shall i receive a paper check? Or better yet will it come on the same day as in saturday today,anyway to check if direct deposit is set up correctly and how to set up if not

    • Adecco

      The time it takes for direct deposit to be set up varies depending on your financial institution. Some banks are very quick and some are not. The best way to check to see how your check will pay out is to call payroll at 866.528.0707. Also, you can call your local branch to request for a payroll choice form (to update your direct deposit information).

  5. adria hampton

    I put my time in monday morning will I receive my check Thursday?

    • Adecco

      Friday is pay day. If you are receiving a paper check, it will be sent out Thursday (and can be delayed by mail until Saturday or Monday). If you have direct deposit and it is set up and acknowledged by your financial institution, payment is typically made on Thursday.

  6. AJ

    My check hasn’t been deposited into my account yet, was wondering if there lag in the system or something?

  7. Shaneka Moore

    How long does it take before my paycheck is deposited into my checking account. This is my second work week and I also was wondering when will my paycheck come that I am suppose to receive in the mail?

    • Adecco

      The direct deposit time varies depending on your financial institution. Some banks/credit unions deposit within 1 week, some take several weeks. You can always call payroll Wednesday afternoon to see how the weekly check is paid. The number for payroll is 866.528.0707. Checks can be received between Friday and Monday. By calling payroll, they can tell you when it was mailed out as well as where it was mailed to.

  8. Natalie

    When I change my tax form, how long does it take to take in effect?

    • Adecco

      It should be a fairly quick turnaround. If you call payroll, they will be able to tell you when it will take place. 866.528.0707

      • Broderick Williams

        Hello I was trying to contact someone from human resources, I’ve tried several times before to get some things changed on my w-2 form but never could get anywhere, so I figured I’d try one more time. I was wanting to have my W-2 fixed where there would be no federal income tax taken out of my check. Could you please let me know where I need to go or whom I would need to contact. Thank you very much.

  9. Christopher Davis

    I asked this question a week ago
    How many hours are needed to qualify for holiday pay?

  10. Christopher Davis

    How many hours are required before we can qualify for vacation?

  11. Christopher Davis

    How many hours are needed to qualify for health insurance?

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