Payroll Questions

Do you have a payroll question?  You can call payroll directly at 866.528.0707.

Below are frequently asked questions regarding payroll:

How do I get paid?

Adecco pays via a direct deposit.  If you have a checking account, we can set up the deposit.  If you do not, we can set up a prepaid card for you with the Bank of America Money Network card.

Please note that we do NOT control the direct deposit time frame.  The banks have different timeframes for setting up direct deposits.  Some people may have a direct deposit the first week, while others (depending on their bank) will receive checks for 1-2 weeks while the bank sets up the direct deposit.

How often do I get paid?

Adecco pays EVERY week.  Pay day is on Friday.  But for direct deposits, you will typically see the payment in your account on Thursdays (except for holiday weeks).

How do I submit my hours?

Once you are working you will need to register at If you do not want to submit online, you can call 1-888-481-1761 and logon with your assignment number (need to get from Adecco) and the last four of your Social Security Number.  Please note:  If you are working at eBay Enterprise, you do NOT need to submit your hours (your time is uploaded from your logins at eBay).

How do I print my paycheck stubs? Enter your Social Security Number, PIN is last four digits of SSN.  For password resets or questions call 1-800-978-EPAY

Who do I call if I have a question regarding my paycheck?

For Pay Checks, Tax questions, Garnishments, etc. please call 1-866-528-0707 M-F 8:30 am to 8:30 pm ET